Aedan’s Chronicles: Redemption

Warning: Objects in this post may be closer than they appear. Paint edits in this post are cooler than they appear too. Also, elements of this story might be a little bit different from the actual humans’ personal story missions or anything related to Guild Wars 2.



After spending 3 days knocked out and naked on a floor mattress, the urgency to bribe people into not telling the Seraph how cowardly I behaved during that attack on Shaemoor was greater than ever. I might have helped save the day, but only a couple of Seraph saw it, and most of them died. The villagers of Shaemoor probably think I’m a jerk for some reason. A priestess in the hospital provided me with a special tonic that would give me clothes whenever I drank it. After I thanked her deeply for her gratitude, I quickly left the hospital before she finished telling me something about some drawback to this amazing potion.



Shaemoor is not a very big village, I walked around it and checked the surrounding farms to see if I saw someone familiar. There was a woman who wouldn’t stop looking at me, so I approached her with a smile.


Her name was Diah. She claims I ran PAST her during the attack on Shaemoor and didn’t even stop to help her. I tried to not look at anyone’s faces that day so I’m not sure if she said the truth. The only way she would not rattle me to the Seraph was if I helped her with some tasks. She also told me that several key people in Queensdale share a very intricate communication system, and the only way to keep my secret safe was to help everyone in need here in Queensdale. I was being blackmailed!



Diah’s tasks were simple; water the crops, feed the animals, and stop wurm holes. I had to keep doing this until she felt satisfied, and then she would send me a thank you letter that I could show Captain Logan. He would think I’m actually a pretty nice guy!



She forgot to mention bandits liked to set her hay on fire and I would need to fight them too. The bandits were incredibly weak and were dispatched in just a few maces in the face. I was so exhilarated by the fight that I didn’t find out about my clothing potion’s drawback until I was done: It cannot be used in combat.



Being naked in a farm is apparently frowned upon in Kryta, so I ran away from the screaming ladies. I jumped at the river, while a

Fisherman named Travis pointed and laughed. I was so angry at life that I started bashing some drakes with my mace on the head until they died. I destroyed every drake in the vicinity and not only Fisherman Travis approved, but I found a pair of pants INSIDE one of these drakes! It’s amazing the things you can find in wild animals!



Fisherman Travis also rewarded me with some copper coins and a thank you letter. Apparently Farmer Diah didn’t really tell anyone else of my secret. Still, this man felt so grateful for my help, that I even felt strange on the inside. It made me feel like I actually WANT to help more people! Bandits and centaurs are on the move and I could make a difference! Also, I’m still not sure if Farmer Diah was lying about her communication network, and I can’t risk not doing anything until I get enough tasks done!

I’ll need to focus on this detour, but soon I’ll go back to Divinity’s Reach. As long as I have pants on, I have nothing to fear.


To be continued




One thought on “Aedan’s Chronicles: Redemption

  1. “I was so angry at life that I started bashing some drakes with my mace on the head until they died.” This is just too awesome. Next time I’m angry at life, this is what I wanna do.

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