This time, it’s personal (story) Pt. 2

Last week, I mentioned 5 of my favorite Personal Story moments from Guild Wars 2. Those 5 moments covered events that happened before the attack on Claw Island. Up until that point, the story is a bit more easy going since most of the story lines don’t really focus on the growing threat  of Zaithan and his army. Today I will cover 5 favorite moments from the Attack of Claw Island an up. As expected, there are plenty of spoilers, so jump at your own risk!


6. The attack of Claw Island.


Before I continue, I must say this: I HATE the Risen, which are pretty much zombies. And from this point on, you are pretty much fighting Risen mostly. Still, I love this mission. No matter what Order you join, you will find out that Zhaitan plans on attacking Claw Island so you and your mentor quickly sail there to warn everyone. Sadly, you are not taken so seriously, but manage to get there on time to help eliminate the Risen. Once things seem to be lost, the hero lights up the Light houses to warn Lion’s Arch of Claw Island and you barely manage to get out alive thanks to your mentor, who sacrifice himself (or herself) to seal the island wit the Risen in it. This is the moment where the Orders realize they can’t win this if they don’t band up together ,and everything you do from this point on is to help take back Claw Island and actually defeat the Elder Dragon. I think it’s also the first time where you lose an important ally. If  you happened to chose Order of Whispers with your first character, as I did, then probably losing Tybalt was a very sad moment too.




7. The Prototype


After establishing a forward command post in Orr, the Pact Commander (that’s you) can follow a plan deviced by each of the Orders. The Priory wants to find their missing squad, who found a Searing Cauldron before being decimated by Zaithan’s minions. These cauldrons can be devastating as any Ascalonian could tell you. In order to secure the Searing Cauldron, you get to use this incredibly overpowered golem battlesuit prototype. Some walkthroughs say this mission can be hard with the suits skills, but I just remember obliterating everything with a kamehamea – shinku hadouken type of attack (that I like to call Kamehadouken)

Perhaps I just had more fun than I was supposed to with it.



8.  Elli, Merri and Fel, oh my!


If the commander decides to go with the Order of Whisper’s plan instead, you’ll be attempting to put off a lighthouse controleld by the enemy to ground and seize their ships.

What I really liked about this mission was actually the NPCs that help you. You get Elli, an hyperactive asura who has a giant hologram version of her to fight , and crazy old couple Fel Vaerdenmer and Merri Sunblower. Fighting risen as they get the ships ready to use them against Zaithan is not an obstacle for them to act all lovey dovey (WHich would usually get me as sick as Elli was on that ship)

It also helps that I later find out they are the parents of Ben Tenstrikes, one of Demmi’s old friends who helped her escape (And you have the option of rescuing him too when he’s captured)


9. Captain Romke’s magic map

AFter trying to cleanse Orr of Zaithan’s corruption unsuccesfully. The Pact (Which is the name of the combined forces of every race and Order to stop the Elder Dragon) needs to find a new location to do the cleaning ritual. An option is to find a map that leads to the Source if Orr. An explorer named Romke had a magical map that could reveal any location. After finding the ghost of Romke and his crew, you set out to find his sunken ship.

I like this mission because at one point you need to clear the coast of Risen until reinforcements arrive. And I found that battle INTENSE. Lots if waves coming out at you and you don’t really know how much longer you need to hold the area. You have the help of Trahearne (pffft) and the ghost crew, but as usual, you will have to do most of the killing. The first time I did it, it felt so satisfactory to hold the beach without dying and I knew I found another favorite mission.



10. Victory at Fort Trinity


Treharne cleansed Orr, Destiny’s Edge banded back together and along with The Pact, killed the Elder Dragon Zaithan. When you return to Fort Trinity, not only you are received with a cool scene of you walking along with the legendary guild, but you get to talk an interact with many other NPCs that you met (or could have met if you chose a different path) along your journey. But my favorite part of all, if you stick through a good portion of the credits, is when Wozmack the Wonderful appears. This mage appears in the human noble’s first personal story mission, where he performs a few lame tricks before he makes himself disappear to never be seen again. Well,  until now.

He performs the same lame tricks, but instead of disappearing, he summons dancing moas and everyone starts dancing with him. EVERYONE. Destiny’s Edge, Trahearne and the leaders of the Orders included. Garm and Mr. Sparkles included. What’s not to love!?



So, those are my favorite moments of all Personal Story missions. I still need to play some race specific missions so this is not my definitive list, but it should be close to it. I wanted to include some Living Story moments but that’s probably material for another post!



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