Aedan’s Chronicles: Beginnings

I am an altoholic, as I have said  once or twice before. I tend to recreate characters a lot. Sometimes, these short lived heroes manage to be featured in one of the screenshots I take before they fade into nothingness. And today, another hero joined the rank of the fallen. But that leaves me with the same issue I face after deleting a character.

Ok Mr. Empty slot, I will use you! 😀


I now have an unused slot. In order to try to improve this new character life span, I decided to chronicle his life as he faces never seen before Personal Story missions (because I might make it up as I go).  But mainly this is an outlet for me to be silly while still talking about Guild Wars 2.



My name is Aedan Adlehyde, and I was born from fire. That is what my parents say at least, and that’s what my name means. I always thought they named me Aedan because of my fiery red hair, but mother claims she gave birth to me in a burning house while my father carried her out. I don’t believe her of course.

Divinity’s Reach is my home; my world. Everything outside the walls of the city is a mystery to me. But I aspire for greatness, and I want to prove everyone that I am Seraph material. Logan Tackery is my hero, despite the many awful things I hear about him. I have admired him since I was a kid, and I will show him what I’m capable of.

I needed a moment to shine. I heard soldiers talking about Logan checking out  a commotion in the nearby village of Shaemoor. I tried to act naturally as I approached the gates, but I was too excited to pretend any longer. I ran to gates, with a mace in hand. Whatever was happening outside, I will be able to help. Hopefully it was just a brawl at the inn’s tavern. When I arrived at Shaemoor, I noticed it wasn’t something as simple. Centaurs were attacking the village.


Can’t go back now. :/




Corporal Sam Beirne urged me to find shelter at the inn. I didn’t think about it twice, and ran to safety. Perhaps it is still not my time to become a hero. I wasn’t planning on being trampled to death or stabbed by a four legged creature!


The inn sounds like a good place to hide!


Hopefully that soldier doesn’t have a family that will miss him… moving on!

I was very careful to avoid any centaur or dying villager on my way to the inn. I  was planning on sitting the fight out, but Sergeant  Walters would have none of it.

So harsh… D:



She didn’t simply mocked my choice of color combination,  she also threatened to do worse than any centaur could ever do to me if I didn’t help Captain Thackeray. The Seraphs needed reinforcements at the garrison to push the centaurs back.  I was partly terrified, but the Captain needed me! I could only imagine his gratitude after we were done at the garrison!


I hope Sergeant Walters isn’t watching…


After taking a few minutes to prepare myself, and changing the color scheme of my armor, I ran as fast as I could. I was more scared of Sargeant Walters than the centaurs at that moment, so I embraced death as I smashed any centaur I found on the way with my mace. I wasn’t the only one who went to aid the Seraph Captain, and I wondered how many of them were here voluntarily. Logan was still up and fighting, and together we chased a centaur sage out of the garrison.


Soldier: What is that thing! It’s huge! Aedan: That’s what she said!


To our surprise, the High Sage summoned a pair of giant earth elemental hands to distract us from his escape, and it worked perfectly. We rallied to Captain Thackeray, slashing, bashing and shooting at it with everything we got. Everything seemed to be under control until the giant hands suddenly exploded. Everything went black.


Did we win?



I woke up 3 days later, naked on Shaemoor’s hospital. Apparently  I was too heavy to drag all the way from the garrison and someone decided to lighten me up. It would have been nice if they just folded it and left it with me. But I survived! And Logan watched me fight valiantly too! Will he remember me if he saw me again? I was planning on finding out. If I was to meet my hero again, I would need to look presentable, and I soubt walking in my underwear will cause the right impression. I will need to find some clothes first, and then, check up with the villagers of Shaemoor. Many people saw my less courageous side as I avoided conflict on my way to the inn, and I want to make sure that they keep those bits for themselves.

Will Aedan find some clothes? Will he have enough money to silence witnesses? Will he be able to meet Logan again? The answers to these and more will be revealed on the next entry of….


Not to be confused with Aidyn Chronicle

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