This time, it’s personal (story).

Being a certified altoholic, I have gone through personal story about a million times, especially at the early levels. While I do try to vary my options whenever I create random human #X, I have ended up having a few favorites. It can be because I simply liked completing the objective of that mission, or I found the story or conversation in that mission amusing.  Trying to sort them out in order of preference proved to be harder too, so I’m just going through order of availability. So let’s begin with my first 5 favorite personal story moments. Oh, and in case you weren’t aware…


1. The clone wars.

Humans who chose the Commoner background will get to do this mission. In a nutshell, Countess Anisse, Logan and the Hero of Shaemoor (that’s the human playable character) set a trap to catch Commander Serentine freeing prisoners. Once the group catches her in the act, the Commander calls reinforcements. Thing look bleak until Anisse summons around 10 illusions that pretty much massacres Serentine and her gang. I just like how easily she dispatches the whole crew, which seems very intimidating if your first character going through Personal Stories was a commoner human (as was my case).



2. The mysterious stranger.

Personal story is divided into arcs that span around 10 levels, and the first 2 arcs will vary depending not only in the character’s race but the backroung stories options you chose for them. Asuras that choose the infinity ball as their first invention will find themselves looking for ways to upgrade it. Each time the infinity ball is used, monsters from another dimension come of newly formed portals. The last mission of this arcs have you fighting a mysterious stranger who turns out to be your evil self from another dimension. It turns out your other self got tired of being bullied by Zojja, and ended up conquering Tyria and becoming the High Sovereign. It shouldn’t have surprised me, but at the moment I found that so… random, that I loved it.



3. Blacked Out

Norns second arc, while I haven’t finished this one yet, I have found it to be very amusing. The Slayer (you) blacked out while drinking some time ago, shich seems to be a standard thing to do as a norn. But it is revealed during the begininning of this arc that the Slayer and Mangonel Gearstrip took a char chugger for a ride, never to be seen again. It is your duty now to serve the Gear Warband in order to pay your debt, or until you find the chugger.


Some of my favorite conversation bits from part of the first mission


Mangonel Gearstrip: Hey, Slayer? Any luck remembering where we took it? I remember driving through snow, trying to spell “JORMAG EATS DUNG!” That was your idea.

<Character name>: I’m still drawing a blank. I vaguely remember doing swan dives off the cannon into the lake…


and later…


Lionguard: Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult your warband. So, Slayer…didn’t I see you swinging from the cannon of a charr vehicle last time you were here?

Lionguard: You were headed north, toward Crossroads Haven, right? I heard you shouting, “I don’t take insults from a tree! Have at you, leafy!”

Mangonel Gearstrip: I remember that! Stupid tree.



4. Demmi’s rescue


Once you go through a character’s race based arcs and join an order your arcs will stopped being based on character creation choices (although each race will be able to choose from 3 different races to help later). Choosing an Order will have a mentor from that Order join you as you go through the ranks. The Order of Whispers agent assigned as your mentor is a lovable charr with a mechanical arm named Tybalt, and your first mission is to rescue Demmi Beetlestone. Demmi is Lord Cadecus’s daughter and doesn’t exactly share his views on the world. In this mission, you are forced to beat 3 opponents in Belcher’s Bluff, a game that consists of trying to not pass out from drinking before you opponent. Once Tybalt find Demmi’s whereabouts, it’s time for charr and drunken you to get her out. I love this mission mainly because of the dialogue between Demmi, Tybal and you.


Demmi Beetlestone: Aren’t you a little sober to be a pirate?

<Character name>: Look, we’re with the Order of Whispers. We’ve been sent to get you out of here.

Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: We’re here to abscond with you…and with the beer. The beer’s already vanished into thin air, so now it’s your turn.

Demmi Beetlestone: Thank the goddess Lyssa! I was starting to think the order had forgotten me. Do you have a plan to get us out of this place alive?

<Character name>: Sort of. The idea starts with “run for it” and generally goes downhill from there. Come on!


And later…


Demmi Beetlestone: Tell me there’s more to this rescue than staggering and burping.

Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Well, see, when one part of a plan works, I like to stick with it.

Demmi Beetlestone: Some rescue. No wonder you’re called the Order of Whispers-nobody would brag about this.

Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Watch it, princess.



5. Maeva’s house of murderous fun

Maeva is an agent from Durman’s Priory and she has a pretty awesome defense mechanism on her house. If you played during the Attack on Lion’s Arch Living Story and found a hut with a green dome surrounding it, then you found her house. The reason this house was protected was that Priory agents need to go there at some point. When you reach the house, you realize that the defense mechanism has been activated, and you must find what happened to Maeva. What I love of this mission trying to fight is definitely not the many groups of golems trying to kill me in an enclosed area while telling me “Have a nice die”  (camera doesn’t help). What actually makes this mission fun to play for me is hearing Maeva’s welcoming messages. You can’t say she is not a gracious, polite host.


Maeva’s Projection: Welcome to the home of Maeva, Extraordinary Knowledge Technician.
Maeva’s Projection: Currently, Maeva’s home is on full-alert lockdown due to perimeter breach.
Maeva’s Projection: Visitors will be politely greeted and summarily destroyed.
Maeva’s Projection: Please remain calm as the hospitality defenses vaporize you.

Maeva’s Projection: I regretfully inform you that our defenses have escalated.
Maeva’s Projection: Dimensional stasis fields initiated, and secondary golemic enforcers are now active.
Maeva’s Projection: Please remain quiescent during complete eradication, and enjoy the soothing music.



This is all for the first part of my favorite Guild Wars 2’s Personal Story moments. What are some of yours?


2 thoughts on “This time, it’s personal (story).

  1. Aha, I love this! I went through the missing chugger mission with my norn, which was a dose of fun. I love the dialogue in this game. There are gems that genuinely make me laugh.

    One of my favourite personal story moments was freeing my charr’s dad when he was falsely accused. That felt good. Another favourite was right near the end, once your character joins the Pact, and you get to use charr tanks to decimate the risen. That was a hell of a lot of fun. And I loved the two charr allies you get–Ballista and Mangonel. Some of their dialogue is priceless.

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