Youtube, hobos and Steam, oh my!

It’s been a few weeks since I haven’t posted a single picture of blog, and I assure you, there is a perfectly good explanation for that.

As Guild Wars 2 related excuses go, I managed to get a sixth character to level 80, leaving me with 2 classes to go. It turns out that they are my least liked classes. (Why else would I leave them for last?) For once, I didn’t feel motivated to level yet another character. I found some fun in completing my WvW Season 2 meta and trying to get into PvP with my necromancer, but then my wrist started to bother me a bit. Considering that I wasn’t feeling so pumped to play, I decided it was the perfect moment to catch a break.

What have I been doing this time? I can assure you I have put my time into good use and I have NOT gone into a youtube frenzy, watching lots of videos and discovering a lot of awesome channels that lead me to watch even more videos. I can also tell you that I have NOT been feeding hobos to wild animals, or used them as cannon fodder and sacrifices to the gods in Scribblenauts. Now I know why it’s called Unlimited.. the horribles things you can do… or I could do if I have done those things of course!

Now, if you are reading this, you might be wondering, “Why am I even reading this?” All I can tell you is… because you’re probably bored?


Anyway, during this break, away from Guild Wars 2, I have been able to give room for some things that made me realize some things about myself.


  • I LOVE MUSICALS. I can’t get enough of them. I have been a huge fan of Random Encounters, who make video game musical parodies, and I recently discovered AVbytes, who cover not only video games musicals, but Disney princesses, and other random things. I think this makes me more of a nerd than I thought it was, and I’m very happy with this.
  • I LOVE ACAPPELLA groups. Loving Pitch Perfect must have given it away, but it wasn’t until I discovered Pentatonix in youtube that I realized it wasn’t just a thing.
  • I LOVE VLOGGERS. What people find so fascinating about people making fools of themselves while talking to a camera? For a while I thought it was a bit silly, but I did manage to find some people I found entertaining to see. In fact, I found Pentatonix while browsing the channel of 2 of their members.
  • I REALLY LOVE HOBOS. This sounds very mean, but I just recently got Steam and a friend quickly send me Scribblenauts Unlimited. It’s not a game I would have bought on my own, even if the idea of it sounded interesting to me. If you haven’t heard of it, the premise is a simple one. You are a kid with a magic notepad, and whatever you write in it comes to life. You can also write adjectives to modify other objects and people. Want to kill that soldier? Add “dead” as an adjective. Want a bigger bang? Summon a Mega Rocket Launcher and shoot him yourself. Want some chaos? Make someone a zombie or a vampire and just sit back (not to close tho) Anyway, the idea of the game is making people happy by helping them. The destructive part is just some side plate. Unless you need to feed a raptor to hep other dinosaurs escape. Just throw a hobo at it and watch it get eaten. It works EVERY time. Volcano needs you to sacrifice technology? Throw a scientist in it. IT WORKS. Barber needs tools to cut hair? give him a chainsaw! Need to feed a cannibal? Give him another cannibal, or a hobo. Or if you are feeling particularly evil, feed him a baby! They are tender and at least they don’t scream like the grown ups. Yes… this game twisted me up a little bit. Before anyone calls for psychiatric help, I already moved on to Trine 2, and I’m starting to appreciate gaming on the PC a lot more since I got a Steam account.


So, after all this random talk, what’s going to happen now? I WILL complete the Guild Wars 2 365 challenge, but I’m not going to start posting pictures like crazy until I catch up. I’ll probably post 2 per day once the motivation to do so comes back. I also want to make a non gw2365 post every 1 or 2 weeks, but I haven’t decided what to focus that on. After all, while this blog has been primarily devoted to Guild Wars 2 lately (and it will stay primarily devoted to it), it’s just one of my many lives. So… yeah. That is all for now. Hopefully next post won’t be a random filler like this one!


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