Dressed to kill

If you have been following my blog for a while, you might already know that one of my favotite things in GW2, or any MMO in general is being able to dress up my characters. It’s almost as bad as my incurable case of altoholism. That’s one of the reasons why some of my #gw2project365 screenshots are from my recent, coolest character look improvements. I just can’t have enough of them.


So naturally, I have been squealing in excitement and waiting not so patiently for the wardrobe function. It took me just a while to start unlocking skins from starting characters such as necro and mesmer masks to start expanding my collection. Sadly, this new feature got rid of some of the town clothes I used to like and own, but we can get a refund from those (which once it happens, I’ll probably spend it on more skins. Go figure)

Here are 4 of my heroes, all decently changed.

Aster Nex

Aster went for a slightly more simple look, and he also looks less… rough? You are NEVER catching him with a shirt (or full chain mail) on. That’s just not his style. and I like it.



Kiram Raelg

I didn’t really dig Kiram’s old look, since I was a big fan of his previous whisper’s coat. Fortunately, I manage to find another look that ended up liking a lot.

Xendell Draconi

Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken, the saying goes.. I think. I love his previous look, but I wanted to try something different (And now is easier to go back to an old look anyway). Considering he’s my “main” WvWer and hopefully my pvper to, I think he looks more combat oriented now

Deon Ersengar

I wanted Deon to be my knight looking hero, but once I got a Tormented sword, I decided a darker approach to match his weapon. I think I’ll be revisiting his look soon, once I get more heavy skins.


Something I like about this wardrobe function is that it gives me incentive to go back to map exploration, even if it’s to start buying new weapon skins from karma vendors. It’s not what I was expecting to get me back into doing stuff in Guild Wars 2 but it’ll do for now.



So, what was your favorite part of April’s feature pack?


3 thoughts on “Dressed to kill

  1. My favourite part is most DEFINITELY the Wardrobe, although there’s parts of it that I find lacking. Still, I enjoy it.

    Also, you’re a huge fan of showin’ the man-skin, hey? 😉 Personally, I think shirtless Charr look the most manly and ferocious. Still, I wish I looked good enough to wear that stuff openly. Hahaha.

      1. Hah. I get it. I’d spend my life shirtless 24/7 if I were able to. 😛

        I actually just re-designed Asmund to be more “manly” with a semi-shirtless look. RAWR!

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