Traditions / Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 95: To Arah

Sometimes, when we play a game for too long, we can start noticing certain trends or traditions in our game time. For example, whenever I played a Capcom game, I had to press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B (or those buttons’ equivalent if it wasn’t a SNES game) That button combination allowed you to pick the same character in Street Fighter II, and I didn’t care if I was playing something else, I just had to press that combination.

It was either blue or red/pink for Chun Li back in the day. And you needed a code to even use the alternate colors.


Back on my PSO (Phantasy Star Online) days on the Dreamcast, whenever we beat Dark Falz, we made a victory lap around the map before porting out. There was no reason for it. We just did.



it doesn’t look like it, but hunters can walk in the transparent ring surrounding Mr. Falz.

I could keep writing about all those silly little things I have ever done, but I will focus on my most recent tradition. At the time of this post, I have recently gotten my Guild Wars 2 asuran engineer to level 80. He’s also my sixth level 80 character. When I reach the level 70 range, I usually go directly to Orr and try to hit every waypoint I can from Straits of Devastation, across Malchior’s Leap and up until the last waypoint in front of Arah. For those not familiar with these maps or Guild Wars 2, these 3 maps are part of Orr, a nation that was sunken centuries ago, and where Zhaitan, an undeath elder dragon currently resides. His specialty is bringing dead bodies back to live, as zombies or Risen.. So overall, these are some pretty hostile maps with very few safe places.

So, when I’m level 79, that’s where I decide to cross the Promenade of the Gods. This is a long road lined with statues of the Six Human gods, and it leads to the Narthex. The Narthex contains the last waypoint and leads to the ruined city of Arah. The Promenade of the Gods is filled with Risen and trying to cross it by yourself is pretty much suicidal (for me at least.) My tradition is trying to avoid/survive the Risen horde with the hope that the trip to Arah’s gate (dungeon where Zhaitan is) nets me that last level up. This tradition started when I tried it with my guardian (who was my second level 80), but was killed just before I reached the safe part in front of the waypoint. A kind, noble soul revived me, and I did level up with the experience from the waypoint, but I was a bit disappointed. I decided to do it again once my necromancer hit that level. He suffered the same fate as the guardian. My mesmer died horribly before he even got halfway through that road. My engineer, survived somehow the trip, but he was too faraway from leveling up, leaving me lost and confused about how to complete that level.

So yes, with 6 classes down, that gives me 2 more chances to try again. I just need to level those 2 lat classes pretty much from scratch.


So, can you think of any little tradition that you have caught yourself doing?


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