Wobbly Adventures! Part 3

Here are some last screen shots of different races and enemies from Tyria. I had a lot of fun just traveling around to take a look at these creatures. Honestly, I rarely look at the face of many of these fellows, so bobble headed mode allowed me to appreciate them a bit more, at least for a day. Enjoy!

My ranger’s trusty eagle, inappropriately called Hawlucha.

Minions! Minions everywhere! That golem should not be able to stand.

Quaggans are scary. Coo!

Balance has a whole new meaning for kodans now.

Tengu, the friendliest of all races. Oh, nice bow!

To be fair, hylek were already big headed to begin with…

By the six gods! Get that thing away from me! *Shudders*

Typically, IF you see a largos, you don’t have much time to live.

See, this is the kind of face I wouldn’t have mind not seeing so closely.

I have always liked these scarves, even before I saw what’s hidden behind them.

This is a rare, friendly centaur. He also looks VERY tired.

I’m sure that’s a pretty face by dredges’ standards.

Wait.. did my pet photobombed my Grawl picture!?

I don’t even know how to comment to this. Next!

This mighty giant shouldn’t be worried about ettins anymore. He should be able to crush even an elder dragon with a head that big!

To be continued…


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