Wobbly Adventures! Part 2

The big headed band heroes spread across all of Tyria’s major cities to check up on Destiny’s Edge and the band that helped defeat Scarlet. Today we’ll see a couple of other people.


“This will not end well.” said Trahearne

The Pale Tree Avatar probably didn’t mind. After all, what we see is merely an avatar of the Pale Tree.

WIll Evon Gnashblade be able to make a profit out of this? And why is there a human stuck under him?

Dougal Keane is just interested in meeting interesting travelers and tell them of his own adventure.

And Marriner.. well, he seems older now, but it could be the effects of the attack on Lion’s Arch.

I was greatly relieved to see that Canach’s cage was big enough for his head.

Just imagine a char in that cage. Vigil leader Almorra Soulkeeper shuddered at that thought.


Anyway, an inconvenience such a bigger, heavier head didn’t stop the Pact from continuing their mission to mkae Tyria a dragonless land

And this lady… I don’t know what she’s up too, but I can’t not trust a face as innocent as hers.

To be continued…


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