Wobbly adventures! Part 1



On April 1st, 2014, Arenanet had a surprise in store for all tyrians. A huge, enormous surprise!

I must say, I do agree with this unnamed study. I prefer my characters to have heads. I can’t remember having any headless character before, but I’m sure it’s not the same. I saw this bit of news too late, however. I have already logged on to Guild Wars 2 to find this:


Needless to say, I was amused. You see, I am easily entertained. It is thanks to this, that I decided to put my band of heroes to work, and travel all Tyria to document this strange phenomenon. I wanted to know if Destiny’s Edge had something to say about this.

Logan was too busy thinking how to protect the Queen. A larger head meant a larger target! He stopped pacing back and forth because his head kept wobbling everywhere until he got dizzy.

 I sent Simael the mesmer to look out after the Queen. He was not pleased. Still, 3 mesmers is better than 2

Let’s not forget Jennah’s pet cat: Shadow.

Jed, one of my newest recruits, went to check on the nobles. Lord Farren was delighted on how easier it was for people to appreciate the beauty of his face.

The inkeeper Andrew just said shaving just became a complicated process.

Meanwhile, in Hoelbrak, the warrior Deon was checking up on Eir and Garm

“The proportions are now all wrong!” yelled Eir. Deon decided to back off and leave her to solve this problem.

At the grove, Kiram the ranger was trying to convince the sylvari that his pet meant no harm.

Caithe had nothing to say to Kiram. Literally. She ignored him. Kiram assumed she was just to concentrated to notice someone walked into her home.

Nikko the golemancer caught Zojja in Caduceus Manor, where they discussed if a larger head increased brain capacity or not. Aren’t they ADORABLE?

Black Citadel was in complete chaos. Sudden increase in horn sizes made walking near other charrs extremely difficult. It took them 3 hours to untangle themselves once his meeting  with Ritlock was over.

Angel Vy couldn’t go anywhere for a while. His head tried to go to a different direction than the rest of his body.

Deon decided to put on his mask and felt kind of  Viewtiful all of a sudden.

Oh, but our heroes are not done with Divinity’s Reach!

While the rest of the gang focused on Destiny’s Edge, Xendell the necromancer went for the other gang in Dead End.

A bigger mouth means more beer can be swallowed at once!

And Marjory couldn’t still take her eyes of Kasmeer, it seemed.

Maybe she was actually distracted by Rox gigantic horns. How did she manage to go through the tavern’s door? I have no idea.

Taimi broke all kinds of  limits for cuteness and adorableness in 19 zones and is now a wanted criminal.

I’m sure the Seraph Belinda was after Taimi. But then again, who doesn’t want her? She’s criminally cute!

Their wobbly adventures are not over! Find out about more of their travels across Tyria on the next post! (I might have gone a bit overboard taking pictures of things with large heads)


3 thoughts on “Wobbly adventures! Part 1

  1. When I logged in and saw these massive heads, I just couldn’t stop laughing. I’m laughing all over again, seeing these pictures! My favourites are the bear and Angel Vy. And what?! Lord Faren’s head got bigger? I didn’t even notice 😛

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