Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 90: Just Dance!


The following post might contain some spoilers regarding the ending of Guild Wars 2’s Personal Story. It’s nothing earth shattering, specially since Living World takes place after Personal Story events, so you should know an idea of what happens. Still you have been warned.

Today marks the end of the 3rd month, and pretty much the first quarter of pictures for the year. What better way to celebrate than dancing! But no just some random characters dancing! No, no, no! That won’t do!

Deon, the human warrior just beat Zhaitan, and his return to Fort Trinity with Destiny’s Edge was a glorious one. I will let Deon, narrate it by himself:

Members of the pact cheered, danced and drank to our name. Tengu, skritts, and even a Largo attended the celebration. Trehearne gave a speech about something which I can’t remember well, because quite frankly, I was probably a bit tipsy after I took a drink from each table. I’m almost sure he did talk about genocide. And everyone cheered.



“The dragons are not stars in the sky. They can be counted. They can be fought. One day we will kill the last of them. Only then will Tyria be safe.

As I celebrated, the so called Wozmack the Wonderful appeared out of nowhere! This guy is known among nobility as a mage that tries to impress people with magic, and failing horribly. His last magic trick seemed to have exploded him to bits, to never be seen until this moment. Wozmack tried the same old tricks, to nobody’s amusement, but his last trick seemed to put everyone in a good mood!



Dancing Phantasmal Moas was too much to pass! I had to join! Behind me was Worzmack, but I did my best to steal the spotlight off him. I was too busy dancing with the moas to remember I was in front of Destiny’s Edge! What would they think of the Commander of the Pact!?


Yeah, they were dancing too. Everyone danced. Well, except Sayeh al’Rajihd. I think she was considering which one would be her next target.



However, seeing Caithe and Trehearne and Zojja just shaking it was too much for me.Even Garm and Mr. Sparkles were rolling/spinning around. I decided to go to the leaders of the orders. Almorra Soulkeeper told the other 2 earlier that this was a time of celebration, and apparently, she managed to convince them to just do so. In that moment I knew I just had to dance the night away with them.



And dance the night away we did.


The end.


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