Guild Wars 2 – Day 83: Wizard’s Tower

There is an interesting little port town in Kessex Hills called Garenhoff. This town, in addition to its regular citizens, has a lot of tamed elementals that serve as protectors of tGarenhoff and other shores. These elementals were summoned Isgarren, a person that apparently no one has ever seen and lives in a floating castle that not many have been in. In fact, according to some citizens, people have received invitations to live in the castle, and then never seen again. Nobosy seems to worry, since they assume they are living a great life up there and simply don’t want to go down.

Some players’ theory is that this Isgarren turns his guests into elementals and then sends them back to obey whatever command the citizens give them.

In any case, the large population of tamed elementals and the floating castle had made Garenhoff not only a safe place to live, but a great tourist spot. Unless you hate tourists, then it’s a horrible place to live.


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