Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 77: My bear

Scarlet is dead, her ship is destroyed and Lion’s Arch has been further wrecked by the Breachmaker’s explosion. White Crane Terrace has become a graveyard for those fallen in the attack. There is a particular NPC mourning her father that made me realize I am not the emotionless robot I thought I was. I could really feel her emotion as she prayed for him, and that’s what.. er… made some sand fall into my eyes. Her name is Ellnda Grady. Her father urged her to escape while he stayed in the lighthouse to warn travellers. You might remember her by the extremely squishy light house workers you had to protect as they escorted her to safety during one of the events in Escape from Lion’s Arch.

As you talk to her, she mentions who he used to tell her of a story about a bear an bunny and their adventures. He was her bear and she his bunny. The thing is, you can read the bulletin board to find some other people that died during the attack, and while I recognized some of them thanks to the wiki, none of them truly got to me. Until I talked to her Ellyna of course.


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