The joy of leveling / Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 71: The Northern Wall

When it comes to MMOs, I tend to stick to a certain pattern

1. Spend a considerable amount of time creating my first character. He’ll usually be a mage because I tend to consider myself a ranged person.

2. Create a second character, with a completely different style from character 1. 

3. Ignore first character until I decide to remake him at some point

4. Level to 80 by taking my time and doing story quests and just getting to know the game and the maps

5. Obsess with looking for cool looking weapon and armor

6. Focus on a new, or remade character. This time I obsess with what skills shall I use and what armor I want for him before he is even level 15

7. Level to 80 OR create another alt and obsess again over what will I do with him eventually

8. Go to step 7.

In away, while I annoy myself with the loop I fall in, I don’t mind it TOO much because I always say to do what you like in an MMO. There’s no sense in playing if fun is not a main factor. After leveling 4 characters to level 80, and one nearing 50 thanks to level up items, I decided to throw away this pattern and just started playing. I didn’t look for a guide to craft my way to level 80, I didn’t look for more tomes of knowledges or went on a champ train or doing Lion’s Arch’s events over and over again. I just went out, started traveling, re-exploring maps, doing events as I found them. Instead of buying cool looking armor every few levels in the trading post, I just used whatever the karma merchants had for me after helping them..

And this might sound tedious for some, but I am actually having fun like this. In a moment where people are taking a break after completing their meta achievements I am getting excited because I got a level 47 rifle that is stronger than the one I was using. And yesterday I celebrated when I helped the Seraph take back every single centaur camp in Harathi Hinterlands, giving me an easier time to do the last Skill Challenge I needed to get 100% completion of that map. 

Rest assured that once I hit 80 (or close to it) I will start fretting about armor and stuff, but while it lasts, I’ll simply enjoy the act of leveling.


6 thoughts on “The joy of leveling / Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 71: The Northern Wall

  1. Wow! I like how you think! Although I find it pretty impressive how you end up in quite an infinite loop (and I’m amazed that you can spell it out so well). What I’ve found is that I need to “stop and smell the roses” quite often. I guess this totally resonates with one blog post I have coming (you’ll have to wait until March 18th for it though), where I state that we need to make our own memories in games.

    Sometimes we get too goal-driven and miss the atmosphere; the music; the “smell” of the game. Less carrot-chasing, and more carrot-growing. Good on you for deciding to make your gaming experience into a journey.

    I digress, before I give too much away from my next post. Although it’s really awesome to see someone else feeling the same way I am. To quote one of my favourite songs from Nightwish called Wanderlust:

    It’s not the end
    Not the kingdom come
    It is the journey that matters
    The distant wanderer
    Call of the wild
    In me forever and ever and ever
    Forever, wanderlust

    1. Goals aren’t bad. If you have fun accomplishing them, that is. But I try to just go with the flow if I am feeling burned out of whatever I was trying to do. Looking forward to that blog post now!

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