Month of Sims 1: Guarionex household

Similar to #GW2Project365, #MonthofSims focuses on a picture a day during this month. Seeing as I got The Sims 3 recently, but have been distracted by Scarlet Briar and her schemes in Guild Wars 2, I decided to take this opportunity to see if I can back to it. While trying to figure things out, I made 2 different household, each with a different couple. Anyway, here’s pic #1

This is the Guarionex household. Aster is a musician who loves parties and is a bit of a child at heart.  Kiram is a nature loving, friendly guy who decided to follow a medical career. They moved together to Lionport, a Late Night Town, looking for some excitement.  Not long after arriving at the new town, they moved to a High Rise building, where they partied and became celebrities on their own right. After getting engaged and having a private wedding, they moved back to their old house, using their savings to upgrade the lot to have an extra room so their newly adopted kid can have his own room.

Their  journey to parenthood just began and Kiram got promoted to Trauma Surgeon. He’ll be spending a lot less time at home. Will they be able to raise young Ulrich into a decent Sim?


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