Players whose Personal Story takes them to Lion’s Arch might be surprised to find that the city has kept the effects of Scarlet’s attack. The interesting part of it is that you can actually take some time to take a look at some areas without anyone pointing a giant laser at you, or trying to roast you with a flame thrower. The flames subdued enough to lose the reddish sky too.

Norn aranson’s Personal Story gave him the chance to check out most of the Trader’s Forum and Fort Marriner. Here are some images, enjoy!

The remains of Mystic Plaza. Like most services, Zommoros relocated to the Vigil Keep.

Bridge to Grand Piazza. Although you can’t see them in this images, NPCs that appear on this instance before the attack still appear after the attack. A bit further along you’ll find 3 kids playing Destiny’s Edge.

Marriner Statue might have survived the attack, but the poor Lion wasn’t that fortunate.

Every boat docked by Yomm’s Merchantile are underwater. Our young norn hero checked.

It’s a surprise that some pillars from the bridge to Gate Hub Plaza were untouched.

And the drill keeps drilling.

Black Lion Trading Company HQ. Evon Gnashblade must be furious, for many reasons.

Water is safe during Personal Story. No kraits to worry about. The fort in the background is Fort Morrimer.

Next Persnal story instance took me inside Fort Morrimer. From it’s top, you can see The Grand Piazza and Gate Hub Plaza.

Tokk’s mill can be seen from Fort Morrimer.

There is no way to come from and go to the Mists in Lion’s Arch now!


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