#GW2Project365 – Day 7: Meet Ulrich Farshaw

Ulrich Farshaw at Ebonhawke.

Ulrich Farshaw is the fourth and last human on my team. My original goal was to have 3 humans, one of each type of profession group (solider/heavy, adventurer/medium and scholar/light) but since Aster‘s look are on the unconventional side, I made another human soldier so he can have the classic “knight in shiny armor” look. Sort off. Most of the names I use are either reused names from other games (Like Xendell and Aster) while others are based on characters from books (Like Kiram coming out of Lord of the While Hell, even tho he looks the opposite of Kiram Kir-Zaki) Ulrich’s name comes from A Knight’s Tale, starred by the late Heath Ledger, while Farshaw is Min’s (from the Wheel of Time’s series) last name. So yeah, not that original.

Background Story

Ulrich is almost your typical big, friendly soldier that doesn’t appear to be too bright. He and Aster sparred frequently hoping to become a Seraph. Ulrich was present at Shaemoor when centaurs attacked it, and was one of the few people that managed to make it to the garrison and help Logan against the golem, becoming of the heroes of Shaemoor. His recent fame had made it impossible for him to help Aster search Kiram, since he has been pulled into deeper city affairs and conspiracies as he helps the seraph clear Divinity’s Reach’s streets of bandits.

His only consolation is that maybe he can find information about the particular bandit groups that attacked his friends and their motives to try to kidnap both.


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