#GW2Project365 – Day 6: Meet Xendell Draconi

Xendell Draconi

Xendell Draconi

I have always had my reservations when it came to playing a necromancer, since I always considered them evil (and I’m the type of guy who can’t help but do the right thing on video games) In the end, curiosity got the best of me, and I ended up liking this class. Xendell has recently hit level 80, being my third one Guild Wars 2.

Background story

Xendell and his brother Lucas were born and raised in Divinty’s Reach. Xendell always envied his brother the warrior and the way people  praised his strength. His goal was to be able to surpass him and humiliate him. However, Lucas was wounded by bandits in Shaemoor trying to save 2 men, and died shortly before centaurs attacked the village.

In a desperate frenzy, Zendell, tried to reanimate his brother’s body before passing out. When he came to his senses, his brother’s ghost was standing besides him. Now stuck  with a ghost only he can see, Xendell is torn between helping the man he believes is responsible for Luca’s death, or killing him with his own hands.



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