#GW2Project365 – Day 5: Meet Kiram Raelg

Kiram Raelg

Kiram was the second character I made, after I realized I was too overwhelmed trying to figure out elementalists. He was the first character I got to level 80 and my explorer extraordinaire (Just 5 vistas and 3 point of views to go.)

Background story:

Kiram lived in the poorest side of Queensdale. His attempt at a life of crime was halted by a baker family that took him in, allowing him to take care of his sick mother. Kiram fell in love with his best friend, but both were separated when he was kidnapped by bandits just before centaurs attacked Shaemoor.

He was eventually rescued somewhere in the Shiverpeak Mountainsby a mysterious norn from the Order of Whispers that agreed to help him back home if he helped her in a mission she had to complete. And thus, Kiram’s odd quest began.



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