#GW2Project365 – Day 4: Meet Aster Nex



Considering they’ll be on most of the pictures I’ll be posting, I guess it’ll be a good moment to introduce the stars of… well, my account at the very least.

Meet Aster. In another realm, he used to be an elf, and has been shirtless from the moment he had the ability to do so. In Tyria he’s a human guardian, which is an odd choice since he used to be a bard.

Aster also prefer man skirts when possible (any excuse to not wear pants is good for him) but has warmed up to the use of pants ever since he became an honorable member if Tyria. While I don’t RP, I’ve always liked to make up a bit of background story for my characters so here it goes.

Aster is is the oldest son of a couple of bakers who moved to Queensdale when he was 14 years old. He befriended a would be delinquent, but that friendly affection turned into love as they grew up. They were separated during the centaurs’ attack on Shaemoor. Aster is not sure if he is even still alive, but he decided to travel Tyria in hopes of maybe seeing him again.



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