In the spotlight: Vincent Valentine

There is something that I must admit: While I am a fan of classic RPG’s and the fantasy setting, I always liked those characters that broke the norm and used guns instead. And while Final Fantasy 7 had to gun users, all my attention went to the mysterious Vincent Valentine. Maybe it was because his slept in a coffin. Maybe it was the cape. Or maybe it had to do with his claw. All I know is that Vincent Valentine has remained as my favorite Final Fantasy character EVER. He tend to be my avatar whenever I go online, and while I do give him a break once in a while, I end up back with him down the road. So… it’s only logical for me to give him the spotlight. Here’s a quick glance at Vinnie V’s life.

This quick glance, however, is riddled with spoilers, if you were wondering.


About Vincent Valentine

    • Vincent was part of the Shinra Electric Power Company’s department of administrative research (This company was later known as Turks)
    • He fell in love with ascientist called Lucrecia Crecent while he was assigned to the Jenova Project in Nibelheim.
    • Lucrecia, however, was expecting a baby from Professor Hojo (She began a relationship with him to distance herself from Vincent)
    • Mr. Valentine was shot in the chest by the professor after a heated argument. Hojo using Lucrecia’s unborn child as a test subject for the Jenova Project and Lucrecia fell ill.
    • Half dead, Vincent became just another test subject for prof. Hojo. He increased his endurance of his body and enabling him to transform into various creatures.
    • The problem with the experiment is that Vincent didn’t wake up. He remained in a comatose state.
    • Further attempts to rehabilitate turned him into a vessel for Chaos, by injecting him with Mako tainted with Chaos and putting the protomateria in his chest
    • Finally awake, and feeling responsible for the illness of Lucrecia after giving birth (to Sephiroth) he locked himself in a coffin for 23 years.
    • He finally decides to leave the coffin behind for good when he meets Cloud Strife and is assured that he’ll get a chance to meet Hojo again.
    • Some years after Sephiroth’s defeat, a group called Deepground begins hunting to get the protomateria on his chest. (To awaken Omega Weapon)
    • They get to take it from him eventually. This makes Chaos within him increasingly unstable.
    • Although Prof. Hojo died years ago, a digitalized version of him (and the mastermind behind Deepground) tells Vincent that he always plabbed to infusing him with Chaos
  • After this, Chaos is unleashed, and beats the heck out of everything (Hojo, Deepground and Omega Weapon)

Some other things of interest

    • Vincent is a secret playable character in the Playstation version of the fighting game Ehrgeiz
    • He is a boss in Before Crisis’s Training Mode
    • Hojo’s experiments haven’t only made him stronger and able to transform, but now he’s also inmortal.
  • As of Dirge of Cerberus, he should be around 60 year old. Looking good old man!

Screenshots and Art work

Artwork from Final Fantasy 7
Artwork by Amano

From the game Ehrgeiz

In his Turk uniform

Vincent in Dirge of Cerberus

Again, in his Turk uniform… how come the uniform has changed in 30 years?

Vinnie Digivolves too… oh! Wrong series. Chaos as seen in Dirge of Cerberus

As you can see from this pictures, Vincent’s design hasn’t changed as much as other’s like Tifa or Cloud…


2 thoughts on “In the spotlight: Vincent Valentine

  1. I am a huge fan of this guy. Every time I play Final Fantasy 7, he’s in my party along with Red XIII also. I myself am a Final Fantasy fan, and I kind of like Kingdom Hearts, like FF for kids, no?

  2. Well, Kingdom Hearts has certainly more appeal to kids than the Final Fantasy series. I like them both too, probably because I’m a kid at heart. 🙂

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