Disgaea Infinite Review…ish thingy

A few days ago, a saw a game that caught my attention: Disgaia Infinite.

I have actually heard about it, and while the concept interested me, I know it could be potentially repetitive. Still, I’m easily entertained, I knew the humor in it would not disappoint me (It’s DISGAEA!) and… it was cheap. So, was this visual novel entertaining enough for a Disgaea fan? Let’s find out

A story about a clock, an assassination and pudding.

Meet Prinny. These cute penguin like creatures possess the soul of a sinner, and their punishment is to work 20 hours a day to pat for their crimes and be able to leave the Netherworld (Unless they are lucky enough to serve at Celestia). They also finish all their sentences with dood.

One day, the Overlord of one of many Netherworlds was tragically assassinated while he was searching for one of his vassals hidden super rare pudding. (From the Sea of Gehena!) Furious, the overlord, who is still alive after being assassinated (one assassination is not enough to kill him, he claims) cuts the salary of all prinnies (the second harshest punishment out of 108 possible ones. The first one being getting a negative payment where prinnies pay the overlord to be able to work)

Obviously, this poses as a big problem to the prinnies, since they need that money to pay for their crimes. One of these prinnies found that day a clock that can send his soul back to the beginning of the day, where he can posses other characters to find the real “assassin” find a way to prevent it and most importantly, stopping their salaries from getting cut. This is going to be a VERY long day to poor Prinny as he goes back and forth in  time!

The story is as crazy as you would expect and so is the humor. If you played Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, you will be glad to know (or annoyed?) that almost everyone is here and possesable. From Overlord Laharl and “trusty” vassal Etna, to te fallen Angel Flonne and the defenders of Earth: Gordon, Jennifer and Thursday. The “heroes” from the third installment are also here to add a little bit more havoc to the already crazy day

Prinny is able to posses any character that come close to his unconscious self, allowing to follow their point of view. There are many rooms in this castle and each hour an event is happening in most of them, so you must switch between characters as they move around the castle and meet with other people. Your goal is to try to decipher exactly what happened that made the Overlord’s room explode and then find a way to stop it.  At the end of the day Prinny is sent back to the beginning of the day with the knowledge he gathered and ideas on how to prevent it.

This is done using Mind Control, where if the possessed character hesitate for a moment, you can influence their actions with the press of a button. There you’ll have a short time to choose between three new though patterns that can potentially alter the course of the events.

Mind control choices are usually accompanied by weird little scenes like this one

Naturally, going over the dialogs repeatedly is a must in order to uncover the assassination, and you’ll so be skipping scenes and jumping to the mind control parts. The options during mind control are pretty amusing themselves, and add a little flavor to the dialogue when you repeat them.

The main problem of this game is that is way too short. Considering that you have to go back in time many times to catch things you missed, this might be a good thing, but I can’t help but think that they could have added more “mysteries” to solve after the “assassination.” You do get another chance to stop a second explosion, and get one of a dozen different endings, but in the end, you are just replaying the scenes on the same order and just making sure you end the day possessing a different character to see their particular ending.

So, is this game worth it? I’d say that it’s worth a try. If you like Diagaea’s humor, you’ll probably be able to appreciate the short hours you’ll spend with it, but once it’s all over, there’s very little for you to do unless you want to fill the database and see all possible dialogue options. But then again, it IS a visual novel, and if you are into mangas or graphic novels, then this game will definitely last longer than those. In the end, it’s all in the viewer’s tastes.

Only through mind control, baby. Only through mind control.

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