last weekend I had the opportunity to go to PR Comic Con 2010. I was wondering how serious would people take the cosplaying side in the lovely island if Puerto Rico, and it would be my first time at a Comic Con.

Not wanting to feel too out of place, I managed to get a Green Lantern shirt. (Because my Dragon Ball Z shirt is maybe more than a decade old, and I wanted to save my video game shirts for another ocasion) What would the Comic Con have in store for me?

I’m sure these conventions would be fancier in other places, but this will do to satisfy my curiosity. And, I must say, I Was impressed. So many geeks and nerds with full costumes, or just a hat or some super hero or video game shirt. (Just like mine!) I think I felt at home there.

I tried to keep my cell phone ready for pic taking, but our attention at first was on the different stands. Personally, I wanted to leave the convention with something. I ended up buying a Final Fantasy 13 poster (don’t judge me! :P) and a Bowser Plush. My little sister, (who is not THAT little. She graduated from High School the previous day) arrived a bit later, dressed as Kokoro from Dead or Alive. (Geekness runs in the family! She is my sister on my father’s side. We found out we would see there the day before.) I kept her company until her friends arrived and then we parted ways. I joked with my brother that we should follow her and frown at anybody who asked for her picture.

Now, I’m used to see pics of costumes and laugh at them, not for the fact that these grown people are wearing costumes, but because some of them look cheap or because the “model” doesn’t exactly fit the physical model of the character they represent. But while seeing these people in person, I could start appreciating something different. These people are having fun, enjoying themselves. They are being themselves by.. uhh.., dressing as someone else- does that even make sense?

First, let’s be honest. Not many women will fit the physical requisite to portray nicely their favorite anime or video game girl. Should they decide against the idea because nobody wants to see a fat Tifa, or a way too skinny Ryu? (in case of boys, of course) It isn’t enough that society pretty much mocks anything that doesn’t fit in their normality, and some of us have struggled greatly to try to appear normal enough and not upset those that surround us? We’ll be pretty much mocked by some of our friends for simply going to the Comic Con, shouldn’t that be enough too?

So yeah. I liked the fact that people just came in as they pleased. Maybe they didn’t look buff enough or pretty enough, small or skinny enough. They did, however, enjoy themselves which it’s what should matter. I even want to join in the cosplay next year!

Here are a few of the pictures I took, by the way.  And I left out my sister’s pics. And the pic where my brother and I posed with a Pink and Green Power Ranger. 😛

Final Fantasy 13′ lightning
I must admit… I liked this one. ^_^
No idea who the skinny dude is (Zack?) but I liked Vincent Valentine’s costume. The one wearing it? Not so much, but as I said, at least he’s enjoying himself.
Those nails…
I felt VERY tempted to run. XD
 Storm Trooper
Bleach’s Rukia
 Rikku, from Final Fantasy X
Reptile, from  Mortal Kombat
Predator! It sliced a Marine’s neck just before this picture.
One of the best looking ones of the Con. Zant and Midna from Twilight Princess
Kenshin was actually a 40 something year old woman.
Mr Stark with his Iron Man suit
Forgive my Halo ignorance. This is is not THE Master Chief, right?
Minutes earlier, I told my brother that it would be cool to see Pac Man running away from the ghosts. And then I see this. (No Pac Man in sight, tho)
I actually liked this one! This lady seemed to stand out from the crowd. Er, I mean, because of the bright pink dress.
Deadpool playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. He of course, chose himself.
Some soldier?
 Thunder Cat’s Cheetara
Good ol Cap’n America
Heh heh… Bridgette. I wanted to ask her a very personal question. (The character is supposed to be a boy dressed as a girl)
So there they are. I have some more pics that I might post later.  🙂

7 thoughts on “A lesson learned at a Comic Con

    1. Oh, so you were able to see the photos? That’s a relief! I though I did something wrong…
      But yeah. I almost bought a Thunder Cats shirt for the convention before I saw the Green Lantern one. I wish Cheetara didn’t kneel down to pose. You can’t appreciate her full costume that way.

      1. actualy this post and the one before it the pics only had small white boxes with Xs on them. I had to click them individualy in order to see them. Try viewing your blog while not logged in to see if you see that also. It might just be me.

  1. Ha! Love this. I used to be a teacher and one of my students used to go to Comic Con every year. His parents would arrange a vacation around it and just drop him at the conference every year. Lucky kid. He always came back with great pics. He was a bright interesting talented kid. Check out my blog if you have time:

    1. Heh, I’m actually a teacher myself, but my kids are still too young. I know some of them would love to see the amazing costumes, so I showed them the ones I knew they would recognize like Super heroes or cartoon characters.

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