In the spotlight: Princess Peach

This is hopefully the first of a series of blogs where I would feature a video game character that has caught my attention in some way. I can tell you from now that the list will have a lot of unexpected entries (unless you know me well enough!) Most of them are simply favorites of mine, or I simply found their back story interesting, or curious to talk about for a while. Also, these might contain spoilers. So read at your own discretion.

So, my first entry is Princess Toadstool herself.

This one is probably going to be the less detailed since… well, she’s not exactly a deep character. 😛

    • Peach was initially known as Princess Toadstool in the US versions, until Super Mario 64
    • She is not the only damsel in distress Mario has had to rescue, but she certainly holds the record for the most kidnapped lady in video game history. But more on that later.
    • Peach has taken active roles as playable character (not counting sports, puzzles or party games) in only 5 games
    • Her weapons of choice are slaps, frying pans, umbrellas, and later golf clubs and tennis rackets.

Princess Peach’ misfortunes

    • Times captured by Bowser: 8
    • Adittional times captured by one of Bowser’s children: 3
    • Of these, Bowser has also… taken away her castle 2 times
    • She has also been captured by the Shadow Queen’s sympathizers, Count Bleck, Bowletta, Princess Shroob, Fawful, Petey Pirahna and according to players choices, Wario (That’s 6-7 additional kidnappings)
    • Peach was held captive by Booster when she fell from the sky and in his tower (after being “freed” from Bowser’s clutches)
    • She has been trapped on a fresco painting inside her own castle.
    • That means that she has been imprisoned at least 19-20 times since 1985. Yikes!
    • The biggest reward she has given Mario for rescuing her is a kiss on the cheek, and occasionally, a cake.

… and he falls for it every time
  • Of her active roles, the most interesting is where SHE has to rescue Mario. She ends up whacking Bowser so hard she sends him flying out of his fortress. Why didn’t she do THAT earlier?


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