Pixels and Polygons

Let’s talk about video game characters appearance…

Can a video game character really be attractive?

I see what u did there

Have you ever had a… crush on a video game character? I never had. I’m not one to drool over ANY video game character. EVER. Until a few weeks ago.
For the first time in my life, I found the one. Maybe crush is a strong word, since I simply found this character particularly attractive at a specific point of the game, and now it’s on my party more often after that.
Anyway, on my rare (but increasingly more often) visits to GameTrailers’ general gaming forum, I spotted a “Most attractive video game characters” topic. Now one of posts was the typical “They are just pixels and polygons, they can’t be hot!”

OMG, he looks so _______

Now, I like to think that I’m not saying this because now I find something made out of polygons attractive, but.. is there really something wrong with that? Is it any different from when we see this really badass looking character? Or when we see this really cool looking character? And what about those we find adorable? Stupid? Plain? Boring? In the end, we are judging visually these models made out of pixels and polygons. Aren’t works of art expected to stir some kind of emotion in us? We might see a painting and feel happy, or sad. Can we really be moved by a bunch of different colored strokes?

Dat sexy smile

Now, I’m a Vincent Valentine fan. The main reason that draw me to him was that he looks pretty cool. Should I stop thinking looks cool because he is not real? The thing is that when these characters are made, they are made with these intentions. These pixels and polygons are supposed to make us notice them. We are supposed to find them cool, badass, dorky, pretty, ugly, evil, disgusting, sexy, elegant, cute, etc.
So, if I find suddenly think certain video game character is hot, then that shouldn’t make me dorkier than I already am. There are plenty of other reasons to call me dorky.

Vinnie V doesn’t think I’m dorky, BTW


2 thoughts on “Pixels and Polygons

  1. haha, you wouldn’t be the first person I’ve seen to fall in love with Vincent. I’ve never had a crush on a video game character or cartoon character etc. They’re not… human… it’s not the same. At least, that’s how I see it. Perhaps that’s the reason they never appealed to me.

    1. Vincent is NOT the object if my affection. >_>
      I mean, I love Vincent, but I’m not IN love with him.
      I just look up to him because he looks cool, and has a gun and stuff.
      Yeah… I’m going to shut up now.

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