The Mishima’s family issue.

Warning!: In case you haven’t assumed so, this will contain details about the stories of Tekken game characters. So… you know… there will be spoilers. Then again, this is a fighting game! You probably won’t care. Still, you are warned.
Mishima family: A story of… betrayal?

Many years ago, there was man, who would inherit his father’s powerful organization. This man had a son of his own; a son that seemed too kind and frail to be a strong heir. Heihachi Mishima couldn’t wait for his father to pass out either, and he betrayed Jimpachi Mishima, taking over Mishima Zaibatsu and eventually imprisoning him. Later, he threw his son, Kazuya down a deep ravine, claiming that a true Mishima would survive the fall and climb back up. And young Kazuya did manage to do so. He was, in his father’s eyes, a true son. Everything seemed well in Heihachi’s life.

Heihachi Mishima’s family motto: What doesn’t kills you, makes you stronger.


Heihachi Mishima didn’t know that the reason his son survived the fall was because Kazuya made a pact with the Devil. Heihachi still found ways to motivate his son to improve himself- adopting a Chinese orphan named Lee Chaolan to raise him as a rival to his son, and even he prepared the King of Iron Fist Tournament

Heihachi’s adoptive son


The tournament’s victor

To Heichachi’s surprise, Kazuya climbed to the top and defeated him in the process, but that wasn’t enough for Kazuya. At the end, Kazuya tossed him from a cliff as payback form what he did years ago. This wasn’t the end of Heihachi, though. Heichachi also survived the fall and climbed back up. Heihaci also managed to participate in the second tournament, hosted by his son, where he defeated his adoptive son and biological son. Considering his own as a real threat now, he tossed him into a volcano. He won’t be able to climb back up from this one. Additionally, he expelled Lee from the company for having betraying him too.

15 years later.

A 15 year old boy approached Heihachi, claiming to be his grandson. Jim Kazama is the offspring of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, who died by the hand of Ogre. Heihachi trained him in the Mishima Style Karate to use him secretly as bait for Ogre, and 4 years later, announced the Third King of Iron Fist Tournament to lure the creature. As expected of someone with the Mishima blood, Jin managed to rise to the top and defeat Ogre’s true form.

Jin Kazama has his father genes. Even the bad ones.

Now that Jin accomplished the goals his grandfather expected him to, Heihachi shot him in the forehead. However, Jin inherited the Devil Gene from his father (who was able to transform into Devil during the second tournament) and using his devil form, managed to survive and escape.

The Devil Gene

Heihachi’s real plan with Ogre was to combine his own DNA with Ogre’s, until he discovered that he needed the Devil Gene for a chance of it; the gene that his grandson and deceased son possessed. He probably was in despair after searching for his grandson for two years, until he discovered that G Corporation rescued his son’s body from the volcano and even managed to resurrect him.

Kazuya Mishima has had a lot of downs in his life. Down a cliff, down a volcano…

Knowing his son, he decided to host a fourth tournament, with the prize being the ownership of the company, That would probably lure Jin too. He would capture him and have him fight Kazuya. If father and son faced each other, he could easily capture the weakened winner. He would extract the Devil Gene one way or the other. Once he captured Jin, Heihachi faced once again Kazuya in the finals, but lost to him. It was part of the plan. He led Kazuya to the compound where he held Jin captive and pit them again each other. To his surprise, Jin defeated his father and grandfather. However, before dealing the final blow, (and after seeing a brief glimpse of his mother) Jin spared Heihachi and flew away from the compound.

Like father, like son.

Daddy’s back!

After Jin’s departure, an army of powerful robots (units called Jack 4) attacked the compound, and Heihachi and Kazuya had to fight together to survive; at least shortly. Kazuya threw his father to the Jack-4s and escaped, leaving Heihachi to die there. The Jack 4s self destructed, destroying the compound.

But he didn’t die. Heihachi was thrown miles from the site and remained unconscious for weeks. The destruction of the compound freed Jinpachi Mishima, who has been imprisoned for 50 years. Jinpachi actually died during his imprisonment, but an evil force resurrected him and gave him supernatural powers. Jinpachi took back the leadership of the Company and held a fighting tournament. The reason behind the fifth tournament was to find someone who could kill him, now that his mind was being consumed by the entity that revived him.

I would have thought 50 years of imprisonment would make him look less fit 

The Freak Gene truly tuns in the family

When Heihachi woke up, the tournament was already over, and his grandson, Jin had already beaten Jinpachi, took over the company and now possesses tyrannical ambitions, declaring war against all nations. This enrages Kazuya, since he had plans of world dominations of his own. Having usurped the G Corporation, Kazuya is now seen as the only force capable of stopping Jin Kazama.

To be continued?

The story of the Mishimas is much more complex than this, since I left details about another person with the Mishima blood. (Mainly because I’m not so familiar with the sixth game. I haven’t played it yet.)
But from this view at the life of the Mishimas, we can see how a man’s lust for power lead him to the path of betrayal to his own family and ended up plunging the whole world into chaos.
Just think about this when you think your family is dysfunctional.


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