Pink is the New Black: A Top 20 list, part 1

WARNING: If it isn’t obvious enough, there is a massive amount of pinkness in this list. If you are not brave enough to handle all the pinkness, I suggest you close your eyes while reading this blog. Yeah… that should work.

For many decades, pink has been associate with the female gender, and along with, a series of negative stereotypes. Can you imagine pink as a symbol of strength? Or do you think of girly girls that are girly? Not so long ago, I saw a thread in the gaming forum were people were posting gaming girly girls, and someone stated that anyone in pink was girly. So I decided to investigate. But I didn’t check how girly are the ladies in pink, rather, can you rely on video game characters in pink?

My internet brows-errr.. research led me to make a list of my Top 20 characters in pink, and maybe proving, that there is strength…. In pink. (Even if I personally don’t wear it.)

NOTE: I’m not ranking them out in order of strength, just in order of my personal preference. So, try not to be too baffled by some of the choices.

20. Dan Hibiki

Fan art by Kukurobuki


First appeared in: First Appeared: Street Fighter Alpha (1995)
Most likely to: succeed in life.

Dan ”The Man” Hibiki. I’m sure that’s how his friends call him. A man who has beaten one of the most feared fighters (who certainly did not throw the match!) and has gone to great measures promoting and expanding his Saikyo-style school. His style is so complex that one student managed to learn it, but had to forget it because it overwhelmed her to know such a dangerous style. But this is not what sets Dan from the rest. The fact that he is man enough to wear a pink Gi baffles the mind of Chuck Norris himself, and is his greatest asset.

Or that’s what he’d like to think anyways…




19. Natalie Nanette


First appered in: Radiata Stories (2005)
Most likely to: be seen wearing a silly hat.

A female knight and member of the Elite unit Violet Chevre. But despite her military success, and being known for a charismatic, strong leader, she has managed to keep in touch with her feminine side. Besides how many knights in shiny pink armor have you seen?  Now if she didn’t wear that silly hat on battle…



18. Amy Rose

Fan art by Aamypink


First appeared in: Sonic CD (1993)
Most likely to: receive a restriction order.

Sonic’s self proclaimed girlfriend. What can I say about her? She, like Sonic, is a hedgehog. Unlike Sonic, she is pink. Very Ppnk. And has a hammer. A giant hammer. Oh, and she’s very pink…
But the Amy we all (may) know is not the original design. She first appeared as a younger, less whiney kid called Rosy the Rascal. But she was still pink. Very pink.


17. Birdo


Fan art by St-Syke


First appeared in: Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic (1987)
Most likely to: be a trap

The controversial creature known as Birdo. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? What matters is that Birdo (Known as Catherine in Japan) is pink. Originally an enemy and guardian of the end stage in Super Mario Bros, Birdo seems to have made peace and found away to get out of subcon and play sports with the rest of the Mario crew.

16. Momo Karuizawa


Official artwork


First appeared in: Rival Schools: Project Justice (1997)
Most likely to: steal your wallet.

Granted, this cute little girl doesn’t wear massive amounts of pink, like the rest of the list, but.. still enough pink to make the cut.
Now look at her. Now that girl is EVIL. Pure Evil. This impish, naughty girl knows how to use her size and looks to seem helpless and innocent, but she knows how to scheme. That tennis racket is not for show either. You’ll soon be wacked by tennis ball (or the racket itself) if you let your guard down.



So, this concludes the first part of my Top 20 video characters in pink. Will there be more obscure characters? Will the pink factor raise to new levels? Will I find random questions to ask at the end of next part? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s  Pink is the New Black: Part 2!


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