Welcome back Mr. Penguin!

Mr. Penguin

Inspired by a true story, and by that which must not be named

It’s been days since I last saw it. Poor thing… it must be hard living in a farm. Mr. Penguin always hanged around the pond with the geese and the ducks, the swans and Mr. Turtle. And Mrs. Penguin too. But one day all the animals were restless, moving and running everywhere. It has never happened before. I never thought necessary to put a fence around the pond area. It took a while to round all the birds back at the pond. Mr. Penguin was nowhere to be found. I searched among the trees, on the barn and the chicken coop. I searched on the dairy farms, under the elephants, among the reindeer. The tool shed was empty, and so was the workshop. The green house only had it’s usual habitants, and the Villa was closed. Where is Mr. Penguin?
As I cried for him, I suddenly thought: I should have never adopted him. A farm is not a place for penguins, elephants or reindeers! At least the alien cows can be milked, but what can I do with the other animals? As my thoughts came and go, I saw something black behind the avocado tree. It was Mr. Penguin! He came home at last.
Where did he go? What did he do? Each person and animal has it’s secret, and not even Mrs. Penguin will know I fear, but he’s home at last, near the pond. He’s with the geese and the ducks, the swans and Mr. Turtle. He’s back at Mrs. Penguin side. He’s back with me. And that’s ll that matters.


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