I have more than one life.

“Get a life? But I’m a gamer! I have many lives!”

I am a magonian, a CasAur, and a GT blogger. I am a farmer, a Super Hero and a rescuer of princess. I am a hunter and a mafioso. I have been a woman in many instances, a lizard, a gorilla, a cat and a hedgehog. I’ve raced, rolled, fought and shot my way trough many problems. I am a gamer. Sure, I have a life. But one life is not enough.

Hey everyone, I am Guarionex and this is my gaming blog, where I’ll be posting anything I feel like talking gaming related, and possibly some stories that come to my mind.  The main reason I’m doing this is to entertain myself, I must admit, so I can’t guarantee you’ll like everything I post. But if you are reading this, I sincerely hope you get to enjoy some of it.

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